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Fresh Vegetables

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Prepared, Cleaned, Sliced Vegetables

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As a farming family we have been growing fruits and vegetables for decades, and presently we own 150 hectares of farmland. Besides our own products, we regularly buy high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables from local producers in the area around Kecskemét and Szeged, supporting their businesses in this way. We hand pick the products ourselves because we believe that making delicious meals always starts with the best ingredients.
We have been marketing vegetables for 23 years, serving hotels and restaurants in Budapest, Kecskemét and Győr.

We prepare all the fruits and vegetables the way our clients expect. We can also deliver customized salad, vegatable or fruit combinations flexibly, according to specific requests. Produce that has been ordered is delivered the next day, 6 days a week. A large proportion of the goods we deliver are produced by local farmers, depending on seasonal and regional availibility.


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